Product List

Dosage Forms of Drugs Name of Molecule / Drugs Brand Name Potency Pack Size
Capsule Pregabalin GREPALIN 100mg 10's , 14's , 20's
Capsule Pregabalin GREPALIN 75mg 10's , 14's , 20's
Capsule Pregabalin GREPALIN 50mg 10's , 14's , 20's
Capsule Gabapentine PENTILIVE 300mg 10's
Capsule Tamsulosin CONTIFLO 0.4mg 10's ,20's
Capsule Fluoxetine Livoxetine 20mg 10's
Capsule Fluconazole DEFUNG 150mg 1's
Capsule Esomeprazole magnesium Esoproz 20mg 7's
Capsule Esomeprazole magnesium Esoproz 40mg 7's
Capsule Omeprazole OMA 20 20mg 14's
Capsule Omeprazole OMA 40 40mg 14's
Capsule Fexofenadine LIVADIN 60mg 10's
Capsule Thiocolchicoside Colthio 4mg 20's
Injection Thiocolchicoside Colthio 4mg/2ml 6's
Capsule Oseltamivir HYDQ 75mg 10's
Infusion Vial Fluconazole DEFUNG 100mg/50ml 50ml
Infusion Vial Ofloxacin OFON 200mg/100ml 100ml
Infusion Vial Metronidazole LIVGYL 500mg/100ml 1's
Infusion Vial Paracetamol LIVOCETAMOL 1g/100ml 1's
Injection ampoule Fluphenazine PHENALIVE 25mg/ml 5's
Injection Ciprofloxacin Civoxin 200mg/100ml 100ml
Injection Sterile Water Ravira 5ml 1's
Sachet Dioctahedral Semctite Mectate 3g 30's
Injection Tramadol Tramox 100mg/2ml 1's, 5's, 10's
Injection Fluphenazine Decanoate Phenazine 25mg/ml 1's
Injection B1(Thiamine HCL), B6(Pyridoxine HCL), B12(Cyanocobalamin) Vit-B 100mg 25's
Plus 20+1680 Omeprazole Re-Leef 100mg 10's
Injection Elemental Iron Bigofur 20mg/ml 5's
Injection Haloperidol Perilive 5mg/ml 25's
Injection ampoule Naloxone NALAX 0.4mg/ml 10's
Injection ampoule Haloperidol SANE 5mg/ml 25's
Injection ampoule Nelbuphine N-BIN 10 mg/1ml 10's
Injection ampoule Nelbuphine N-BIN 20 mg/1ml 10's
Injection ampoule Ketarolac /trometha KATOLIVE 10 mg/1ml 5's
Injection ampoule Ketarolac /trometha KATOLIVE 30 mg/1ml 5's
Injection ampoule Ondansetron ONDASET 8mg/4ml 1's
Injection ampoule Ondansetron ONDASET 4mg/2ml 1's
Injection ampoule Mecobalamin LIVOBAL 500mcg/1ml 10's
Injection ampoule Ketorolac Tromethamine Ketoliv 10mg 5's
Injection ampoule Ketorolac Tromethamine Ketoliv 30mg 5's
Injection ampoule Cholecalciferol L-D3 5mg/ml 1's
Injection ampoule Diclofenac Sodium DICLOSOD 75mg/3ml 5's
Injection ampoule Renitadine NITADINE 50mg/2ml 5's
Oral Powder Sachet Mebeverine , Psyllium TOPAS 135mg + 3.5gm 30's
Injection Diazipam DAIZELIVE 10mg/2ml 5's
Psychotropic Pentazocine PENTAZOLIVE 30 mg/1ml 5's
Psychotropic Midazolam OLAM 5mg/5ml 5's
Psychotropic Buprenorphine LORAGESIC 0.324mg/ml 5's
Sachet Montelukast LIVAIR 4mg 14's , 28's
Sachet Strontium Ranelate STRAN 2gm 7's
Tablet Entecavir LENVIR 1.0mg 10's , 30's
Tablet Chloroquine Quinliv 250mg 500's
Tablet Azithromycin Dihydrate AMD 500mg 6's
Tablet Azithromycin Dihydrate AMD 250mg 6's
capsule Azithromycin Dihydrate AMD 250mg 6's
Tablet Hydroxychloroquine HYDQ 200mg 50's , 30's
Tablet Linezolid Liziliv 600mg 12's
Tablet Entecavir LENVIR 0.5mg 10's , 30's
Tablet Letrozole LIVAZOLE 2.5mg 10's , 30'S
Tablet Ciprofloxacin Ciprotab 250mg 10's
Tablet Ciprofloxacin Ciprotab 500mg 10's
Tablet Moxifloxacin RENOVAL 400mg 5's
Solution Infusion ,Remdesivir Rem-D 100mg, 5mg 1's
Tablet Rosuvastatine RVASTINE 20mg 10's
Tablet Rosuvastatine RVASTINE 10mg 10's
Tablet Rosuvastatine RVASTINE 5mg 10's
Tablet Atorvastatin ATAVAST 40mg 10's
Tablet Naproxin NAPOLIVE 250mg 30's
Tablet Naproxin NAPOLIVE 500mg 20's
Tablet Cetrizine ARIL 10mg 10's
Infusion Moxifloxacin RENOVAL 400mg/250ml 250ml
tablet Levofloxacin LEVON 250mg 10's
tablet Levofloxacin LEVON 500mg 10's