Why Liven Pharma

Our business focus made explicit in this plan, renews our vision and strategic thinking on adding value to our target market segments. From average buyer to high-end institutions we will position ourselves in a manner to differentiate us from box pushers to serious minded totally committed purveyors of safe and reliable products.

Our marketing challenge is to position our product as the high–quality, high value-added yet affordable alternative to existing brands and similar products.

Our challenge is to strengthen our brand by giving the most effective and accurate product, rather then incentive based sales and marketing strategy.

From the import of the basic raw material to the procurement of excipients and packaging material our focus is to target the most reputed and prestigious manufacturers with concerned certifications as our vendors, so that what we produce for our customers is the compilation of the best what is available in the market.

We have long term targets and have set high goals for our short term results, that is why we believe in quality rather then quantity, perfection is our passion and so is the least required quality of our sector i.e. pharmaceutical manufacturing, but we take it seriously rather religiously we believe we have not chosen a business but a duty that is to endeavor ourselves in the service of humanity